Apsov Sementi dal 1967, un'azienda al servizio dell'agricoltura

apsov-storia-1967apsov was founded in 1967 by a group of specialised farmers who had a vision to harness their expertise and the climatic conditions of their territory to create and develop a seeds business based on the production and marketing of high quality seeds.

apsov-storia-2011Technical competence of our team, a strong focus on quality and services, and building a partnership relationship with dealers and farmers allowed apsov to achieve a leading position in the Italian seed market. This has been further developed with relationships in several foreign countries in Europe, Middle-East, North-Africa, North and South America.

Research and Innovation have always been APSOV strongholds. Since 1973 it has registered several varieties of soft and durum wheat, barley, triticale, oats, rice and alfalfa.

Breeding programs are focused on selecting varieties with the highest yield, the greatest adaptability to different environment conditions, and the best quality with robust disease resistance.

These targets are achieved by a very effective breeding program based on testing and crossing of the top variety for each type and agronomical environment and tapping into a diverse global gene bank. The selection is made using an exclusive combination of the different techniques (shuttle breeding, multiple generations, single seed descent, double-haploids) with the most advanced methods of molecular screening, to identify and fast track the best lines which will become new varieties.

Supporting the breeding activity are a wide trials network to screen and evaluate the agronomic value of varieties and that their quality meets the needs of the grower and market.

Besides innovative products, APSOV develops advanced technical solutions designed to solve specific problems and to maximize the agricultural incomes, such as SILVER, our unique high quality seed treatment technology.

Field seed production extends to approximately 6000 hectares, spread through all Italian regions. Total seeds production is over 25.000 tons per year, based on two processing facilities equipped with the newest Cimbria machines for seeds cleaning and treatment.

Latest packaging technology is employed using plastic bagging and palletizing systems. The Voghera plant (northern Italy) with a 20 tons/hour capacity, and Grosseto plant (central Italy) with a 15 tons/hour, is also equipped to process “small seeds” such as alfalfa and clover.



Our company was created by farmers and its main target is serving agriculture. Our constant commitment is building new business opportunities for us and for our customer.
We work with passion to enhance our brand, creating varieties, innovation and excellent services.

We want to be identified as suppliers of varieties and promoters of innovation. As a flexible and efficient organization, market-oriented with a strong technical approach.
VisionClear rules and respect of roles provide all of our team members the opportunity to develop strong motivation and a high level of satisfaction. Our ambition is to be a leader, equipped with the best resources to meet the new challenges in constant evolution.

ValuesThese are the values in which we recognize: Passion for work, Dynamism, Reliability, Accountability, Cooperation, Respect, Confidence, Customers’care


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